Cedar Plantation Shutters

Cedar, or cedar wood, is better in thermal insulation than most other woods because of the inner airspaces created by its special grown cellular structure. In comparison, 1 inch of western red cedar has the equivalent insulation effect of a brick. Thus, this is counted as the most outstanding advantage of cedar shutters over any other types of shutters.

Along with its high natural resistance to decay, western red cedar owns a lighter weight yet strong rigidity that is combined with traits of durability and stability. For cedar sometimes grows straight up to 65-70 metres high, it gives the timber a tight straight grain with few knots and makes it the ideal wood for window furnishing like Cedar plantation shutters. The red wood in nature already contribute a cozy appearance, while having it primer based and stained to other texture look will only increase its contemporary and elegant impression. Our cedar plantation shutters come with a 5 year guarantee !!!

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