Nothing beats the look of natural timber. Our timber blinds are crafted from Western Red Cedar, Basswood and timber composites which are sawn to size, then air and kiln-dried before being turned in blind lathes. The timber has been selected for its stability, natural colour and grain variations which give our blinds a warmth and character that blends with almost any colour scheme. All the timber we use is premium-grade, regrowth timber from a renewable resource.

Selecting Timber Blinds for your home opens up a world of style and choices. Whether you’re looking to cover a standard window, a sliding door or even a series of three angled sections in a bay window, we can work to your designs because each blind is custom made. If you need two or more timber blinds side-by-side, our craftsman will make a continuous cedar fascia with mitred corners to give you a seamless look to your blinds. Ask us for the ultimate in control.


  • Selected regrowth Western Red Cedar, and Basswood are air and kiln dried for stability, natural character and beauty
  • Choose from natural oils, clear lacquer, stain wash or paint finishes
  • All headboxes are fitted with matching fascias
  • Modern hardware combined with traditional construction methods
  • Cord pulley makes for easy opening
  • Cast aluminium tilting and locking components engineered to carry the weight of the timber
  • Two slat sizes: 46 and 60mm
  • Choice of contemporary or distinctive, traditional timber fascias
  • Control options left or right sides, or duo cord controls
  • Extra strong string ladder tapes give a “new” look to a traditional product
  • Optional traditional 12mm woven ladder tapes repel dust and adds strength. Tapes cover holes to give better light control
  • Available for sloping windows
  • All Westral window furnishings are fitted with child safety device

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